Veronica C.

Hair Styling has been my passion since I began my journey in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Glasgow is an eclectic city with fashion forward hipsters, making it an



excellent place to learn your craft.  Street trends that affect most of Europe happen there!  After 3 years of training & junior styling, my next city was London.

London’s fashion scene is exciting and can change dramatically depending on pop and street culture. Styling here was fun, daring, and a great foundation in colour and precision cutting.   This brings me to  Los Angeles where I had a chance to refine my skills and combine my knowledge of European high fashion with California’s unique relaxed ‘not trying too hard’ looks.  Hairstyling has evolved for me with experience, classes, staying in tune with clients individual needs & keeping up with my favorite subject; Fashion!

Now that I’m the co-owner of Capelli Lounge, I can indulge you & map out the best look for you.

Specialties include:     Colour     Precision cutting     Soft feathery layers     Razor cutting

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